The Garden Hammock – A Great Idea!


If there is one thing that spells happy days in a tropical paradise, then it would have to be a hammock, equally a hammock is about lazy summer afternoons curled up with a long, tall, cool glass of fresh juice, or just a book. A hammock for two is something that spells instant romance!

A hammock is best strung up between two strong trees. This creates a leafy alcove, a snug and private sinecure, your personal space in your garden.

Position the hammock in way that suits your purposes – if it is the sun you want to soak up, make sure that the hammock is positioned in a direction to catch the rays of the sun.

However, if it is a shady nook for enjoying the outdoors in the summer that you want, then string up the hammock under the tree rather than near the periphery.

If there are no conveniently positioned trees to put up a hammock, then you could use a hammock stand, using a stand can make the hammock more versatile and portable. It can be used on paved ground, the patio, deck or porch, wherever required.

And remember, after you have secured the hammock, do test it by sitting in the center and slowly easing yourself on to it, you don’t want to be surprised by a fall if it isn’t properly secured!