Things to Consider While Buying used Garden Furniture

things to consider while buying used garden furniture

Nothing can match the quality time spend in your garden with your near and dear ones enjoying a cup of coffee or just chatting away on a lovely evening. The outdoor or garden furniture requires detailed attention as these are built to last and withstand various climatic conditions. Since garden furniture is usually built to last ling, they will be expensive and many people prefer to buy used garden furniture because of this very reason.

It is a great idea to design a patio or porch with some good quality used furniture as you need not have to spend a fortune doing so. Following are some pointers to consider when you are buying used garden furniture:

things to consider while buying used garden furnitureTypes of Outdoor Furniture

Although the material choices for outdoor or garden furniture are lesser compared to indoor furniture, there is a wide range of variety available in garden tables and chairs. The important aspect while choosing used furniture is how long it lasts and the material used in the furniture largely is responsible for its long stay. Garden furniture is generally available in metal, plastic, wood and wicker.


Even though price is not the only determining factor while buying used furniture, it is a main factor as the prices vary according to the material of it. Plastic is the cheapest option in outdoor furniture and it lasts long as well. Metal or wood looks more elegant in the garden, but the prices are high.


Durability of the garden furniture is paramount as it needs to withstand all climatic variations of sun and rain. Metal outdoor furniture scores high when it comes to durability combined with its regal look, especially the ones made of wrought iron. Wood is another best option as it is a natural material and can withstand outdoor conditions, provided it is built from certain wood meant for outdoors.


Plastic garden furniture requires the least maintenance, can be easily wiped with cloth and stacked together. Metal furniture require little more maintenance as rust and sun are the main problems for metal. You need to varnish it with rust resisting varnish and keep it under shade to avoid sun. Wooden furniture also calls for maintenance as they tend to expand and contract as per weather variations.

Keeping these pointers in mind and depending on your budget and material preference you can check for used garden furniture. However, it is advisable to check it thoroughly for cracks or damages before buying.