Top 3 Ways for Restoring Your Garden Furniture

Ways For Restoring Your Garden Furniture

Have you been using your garden furniture for way too long because of which it has started looking dull and old? Well, garden furniture tends to appear old due to its exposure to all kinds of weather conditions like rain, heat, cold and wind.  But by following a few simple ways and steps, you can make your garden furniture look new and fresh. Infact, one must keep doing this after every few years to keep it maintained. The following are a few simple ways to restore your garden furniture:

Ways For Restoring Your Garden Furniture

1. Add a Shiny Finish

One of the best ways to restore your garden furniture is to add a shiny finish to it.  But to achieve this, you must prepare for it by first cleaning the entire surface with warm water, sanding down the rough areas of the furniture, removing dust by wiping with white spirit and then adding a coat of exterior primer if the wood has turned into a bad condition.  Now get high quality exterior gloss paint and using a small brush, paint the furniture by turning it upside down first and then the right way up. Allow this gloss to dry for atleast 8 hours before using it.

2. Restoring the original Color

Another way to restore your old furniture is to bring back the original color onto it.  For this you can use a garden furniture restorer which can bring the sheen back into old wood.  You will need to use the restorer liberally by making use of a paintbrush.  Make sure you allow this restorer for not more than 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm clean water. Allow to dry for a few hours.

3. Use colored wood stain

Another way with which you can restore and provide a subtle finish to your furniture is by using colored wood stain. For applying this on your weathered furniture, you will first need to clean and dry the wood.  Now sand the uneven and rough areas and then wipe the surface with white spirit with the aim of removing any kind of grease or dust that may be present on it.  Make sure you stir the wood stain well before using it and brush it evenly along the wood’s grain.  You will get a completely dried surface of the wood. If you wish to apply a second coat, you will have to wait for 8 hours.