Why Synthetic Rattan Could Be An Excellent Choice For Your Garden


You probably have some rattan furniture or wicker furniture in your house or have a friend or acquaintance whose rattan furniture you have admired sometime.

It is furniture made from a natural vine which is woven into different shapes and structures. So you probably know that rattan furniture can be very attractive indeed.

However, natural rattan or wicker can be rather high maintenance and expensive as well; so you may want to consider the option of synthetic rattan for your garden for several reasons:

  • It looks like the real thing; and can look as attractive. Only close observation will reveal that it is a synthetic version.
  • It is versatile and can be in one of several different colors and weaves.
  • It is made from synthetic fiber so that it is pretty much weather proof. Damp or rain is not going to have a deleterious effect on it. It is pretty much maintenance free.
  • The synthetic version of rattan or wicker furniture can be a whole lot cheaper than the original thing. While the natural vine grows only in certain areas of the world and then has to be imported to make the furniture, the artificial variety can be manufactured anywhere.