Wood vs. Metal Garden Furniture

wood vs. metal garden furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your garden or patio, there are two main options that lie in front of us-wood and metal furniture.  We all want our garden furniture to be durable, weather proof, comfortable and of course aesthetically appealing.  It is thus important to do your research properly and only then pick the right option.

Both wood and metal are ideal for the garden and have their own set of positives and negatives. But for your reference, the following is a detailed comparison between wood and metal garden furniture.

wood vs. metal garden furniture


It is a fact that metal or aluminum patio furniture is much more durable than wooden furniture since aluminum has the best weight to strength ratio. Also since it is lightweight, it is easy to pick it up and place it at different positions, thus preventing any kind of falls or accidents.  Thus even though wood is tough too but metal is much more durable.

Weather Resilience

Another important factor to consider when choosing between wood and metal furniture is weather resistant. As far as this point is concerned, wood patio furniture proves to be a much better option.  Metal on the other hand conduct temperature and this is one of its negative points. In summers, it becomes very hot whereas in winters it becomes very cold.


Aluminum is very widely available as an abundance of it is found in the earth’s crust.  This means that it is much cheaper than wooden patio furniture and hence an economical choice.  Quality wood patio furniture on the other hand is very expensive and may not be as affordable for everyone. Whereas metal is still a pocket friendly option.


As far as the style is concerned, there is something rustic and classic about wooden furniture. Aluminum too is available in good designs and styles these days but wooden furniture has more aesthetic appeal. It goes well in both traditional looking homes and also in modern homes.  Metal sure is sleek and cool but wood wins as far as style is concerned.


Aluminum is much easier to work with and can be made into many designs and forms.  It is easy to work with and this is why the labor price is less. Wood on the other hand is heavier and more intricate to work with and even the labor charges are higher.