17 Hi-Tech Garden Gadgets

17 Hi-Tech Garden Gadgets

We are now well used to high tech gadgets at work, in our homes and even on the move. But now the garden is catching up fast with a whole range of high tech gizmos designed to take away the more mundane gardening tasks and leave you with just the enjoyment.

1. PlantSense:


For those who believe that nature and technology do not mix, you may change your mind after you take a quick glance over your dying landscape and figure out how PlantSense can help your green thumb.

Created by the company of the same name, the PlantSense Garden Gro sensor is literally a USB stake that you plug into the soil around your plants and then plug into your computer.

Within minutes the device will direct you to results on a website which will tell you if you are using too much fertilizer or need to water more, it can’t get much easier than this.

2. Digital Pot:

digital pot

Tailored more for indoor plants, the Digital Pot is sort of like a real life Nano pet that you can use to grow. Instead of waiting for your plant to wilt to death or drown from excess watering, the Pet Plant from Junyi Heo has a digital interface that actually tells you how the plant is feeling.

The device also comes equipped with a USB interface that you can use to tell if the temperature, soil, humidity levels, or water content is slightly causing damage to your plant.

3. Mele Cultivate System:

mele cultivate system

Aimed at creating more sustainable fruits and vegetables, the Mele Cultivate System allows you to grow your own fruits and vegetables from within your own house through extensive hydroponics technology. Simply buy a pod and you can place a plant inside of the system to grow.

Once you have harvested the item take out the compost pod and replace it with a new plant. Not only is the CO2 level reduced from the plants’ normal length of travel, but you know you are eating organic food that is pesticide free without a doubt.

4. Pivoting Unreel:

pivoting unreel

Tired of unraveling and re-coiling your entire garden hose every time you use it? Well, if you invest in the Pivoting Unreel you will never have to roll up anymore that you need since you can choose the length you need from the inch marks on the unreel ‘jaw’ bar and simply slide a few lengths off.

As an added bonus, since it lifts up against the wall you also can minimize the space needed to hang the pivoting unreel device on the side of your garage or home.

Capable of handling up to 100 inches of hose at 5/8” it also helps prevent kinks in the hose which is a definite plus from the start.

5. Raindrop:

rain drop

Want to make sure that every plant in your landscaped garden gets watered correctly and without over sprinkling grass that does not need any more help growing?

Why not try out the Raindrop which is a super light spherical sprinkler that will follow the trail of any garden hose that can be twisted and turned around a yard in any direction you want. [Portable Sprinklers]

For even tighter, more precise plant watering you may want to choose a lightweight hose as the Raindrop sprinkler turns much easier without the heavy resistance meaning you could even choose to water only portions of a plant at separate times simply by changing the path of the hose!

6. Soil Mate:

soil mateIf you often get tired of cleaning up soil spills both inside the house and outside on your sidewalk or grass you may want to try out the new soil mate shovels.

Due to the fact that the soil mate shovels are flat with a slight curve and lined top they are able to hold about three times more soil than a shovel of the same size and make it harder for soil to slip out.

Even better, if you buy a set they will make both potting and digging holes simpler since you can use the small soil mate as a wedge to keep the soil firmly in place while using the larger soil mate to transfer soil or dig the actual hole.

7. Noodlehead:


The average sprinkler is designed to water your yard, but only within a square perimeter that it denotes. This can get to quite bothersome if you have circular or oblong landscaping area, which is where the Noodlehead can be quite handy.

Given its noodles, you can bend the streams into any direction allowing you to direct where you want the water to stream instead of forcing you to try and position the entire sprinkler system.

As an added bonus, although the six inch spike can be secured tightly into the ground, the entire Noodlehead is very lightweight so moving it around the yard is an easy task as needed.

tree trainer

8. Tree Trainer:

Does the tree in your backyard slant a little to the left or right severely impacting its growth rate?

You may want to invest in the Tree Trainer which is literally like an orthopedic brace for a bad leg.

The Tree Trainer device works by attaching to the tree in a somewhat right angle and using oppositional pressure to gradually straighten your tree and keep it growing consistently straight up.

Designed to work for many years on several types of trees the Tree Trainer is environmental friendly, easy to adhere to your tree, and can be reused if the need arises making it a favorite among orchid owners.

9. Hose Wheel:

hose wheel

Tired of ending a day of watering the yard with dirty hands and blisters from rolling up the hose after you have stretched it around the entire yard?

It doesn’t have to end this way if you invest in the hose wheel which allows you to simply push the handle to collect lengths or hose with barely any mess or effort on your part.

Plus, since the hose wheel naturally travels on the path the hose lays on, you never have to worry about tangles that include you actually getting sprayed as you try to fix them.

As an added bonus, since you can plug the hose into the hose wheel and then use an adapter piece you will be able to reach much farther distances with the same length of hose as well!

10. Timeless Garden:

timeless gardenTired of purchasing replacement batteries from the shop every time your alarm clock battery dies?

No longer will you be dependent on alkaline batteries once you experience the wonders that simple mud and metal can create when you grow grass in your Timeless Garden.

To use the unique timepiece you simply grow or transport some grass into the top of the alarm clock. The reaction between the mud and metal will be enough to fuel your clock without any other fuel source. Just wait until you tell your boss that your grass died overnight and you didn’t hear the alarm.

11. TrenchFoot:

trench footThere is little that is more frustrating than trying to dig a trench with a shovel into rough ground or trim your hedge by bouncing the arch of your foot along the slim sheet of metal that is the back of a shovel.

After awhile, it can cause your whole foot and leg area to start to tense with very little results to show for your efforts.

Enter the TrenchFoot, which provides slips easily over any shovel handle so that you have a non-slip coated square to press down on with the front of your foot for extra leverage.

The plastic is heavily durable and is made of bright yellow so that you can easily find it among your gardening tools.

12. Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Grower:

tomato growerAre you running out of space in your garden to fit in everything you want to grow this year?

Or does bending down constantly to work with your garden irritate your knees? Enter the Topsy Turvy upside down tomato grower which allows you to grow tomatoes on your porch and easily within your reach standing up.

Due to a unique container that allows you to literally plant your tomatoes upside down so that the vines hang from the planter, you can now easily fit tomatoes into your gardening plans even if you live in a small apartment and have a limited yard.

13. Zoop Rake:

zoop rakeThe Zoop Rake is a nice handheld rake that is perfect for getting into tight spaces and in between plants.

If you want to take your landscaping into your own hands the Zoop Rake allows you to create smooth designs and even soil or mulch spread without too much physical exertion.

With a long handle, but a streamline tiny rake head the Zoop Rake is simply the solution to the mini gardening shovel used by planters so that you never have to compromise the appearance of your landscaping even if you are not the strongest man (or woman!) on the block.

14. Muwi:


Nobody likes to cut the grass. It is a thankless job and after another rainfall something you will have to do again within a week or so. Thanks to the miracles of modern science and designer Yuli Sung you may no longer have to worry about the tedious task ever again.

The Muwi can be set or will pre-assess the dimensions of your yard and note the entire area that needs to be trimmed. It will then roll along its course cutting the grass and collecting stray grass into compacted grass cubes or circles that resemble haystacks.

All you have to do is sit on a bundle of grass and wait for the Muwi to complete its job.

15. Droplet:


While not quite as time saving as the Muwi, the Droplet is fuel saving and space saving thanks to the slim but contemporary design of Ashley Marsh Croft. The Droplet is a small mulching lawnmower that runs on electrical power and can be slide easily into the corner of a garage.

Created with the smaller lawns of Australian homes in mind, one of the additional benefits of the electrical wonder is that it requires very little maintenance and will store grass clippings so raking is not necessary either.

Plus, it looks more like you are driving a mini robo-car than a regular lawnmower which instantly adds more points to the purchase.

16. LEHR Eco Trimmer:

lehr ecotrimmer

For those who want to help save the environment, the LEHR Eco Trimmer runs on propane instead of gasoline which helps you save money as well as the environment.

The trimmer has all of the power of a gasoline trimmer so that you can keep your weeds in check, but eliminates mixing gas and oil and does not need to be primed or chocked which is great if your upper arm strength is not your strongest feature.

Environmentally, the trimmer’s emissions evaporate quickly and it does not release hydrocarbons which is a plus for those concerned about the ozone layer.

17. Books On Life:

book on life

Bringing new ideas to the thought of discovering the true meaning of life, the Growing Book by Eric Zhang allows you to seed alongside a book that has plenty of space for your own thoughts as you watch life develop alongside the book and its quotes and passages.

With certain sections bookmarked for each phase of a plants life the product is made to encourage a reader to ponder all facets of life with a living subject directly to their left. Try to keep in mind the plant will die unless you keep up until the end of the book.

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