5 Apps For A Beautiful Garden

the new western garden book

You may be wondering about the different ways to garnish that weed-overgrown backyard of yours into a pretty, flowery garden with various ornamental flora, and flowering plants adorning your house. However, whether you are an avid gardener or a beginner in the art of gardening, you might need some real guidance from the experts in order to proceed with your vision to a beautiful garden.

Apart from the conventional gardening tools such as shovels, pruners and hoes, you might consider the need of Smartphones in your list. Though soil and electronics may seem worlds apart, their conjunction will prove to be beneficial in your quest for a perfect garden, since, the gardening apps that you are going to be introduced to, will provide you with practical aid and expert guidance.

the new western garden bookTop Gardening Apps

The following apps, some requiring additional prices, while most are free, will guide you to your dream garden:

1. Kew Gardens

This smartphone app is free for iPhone, iPad and Android and guides you to the vast collection of flora at Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. With interactive maps and videos it educates you regarding the plant profiles grown there and provides you with protocols to grow your own ones.

2. RHS Grow Your Own

This app is initially free and is viable for iPhone. It endows you with profiles of numerous fruits and vegetables and comprises of suggested varieties, expert advices, gardening tips and many more. You are granted a separate ‘App Garden’ in which you add the vegetations you are growing in your real garden. The calendar alert will remind you of the immediate tasks to be performed.

3. The New Western Garden Book

It is a digital version of Sunset Magazine and guides you to more than 30 DIY videos and 100 slideshows featuring effective growth methods of various plants. This app is available for iPhone and iPad and is a paid app priced $19.99.

4. Into Gardens

It is a free app for iPhone, iPad and Android and contains added paid episodes and add-ons. It bagged the New Media award at the Garden Media Awards and has a versatile content of videos, photographs and written documents, collected from the finest gardeners and horticulturists.

5. Garden Plan Pro

This is the utmost refuge for the vegetable garden planners as this is a pervasive library of numerous vegetables. It provides you with sowing and harvesting reminders throughout the season and keeps you updated with information from local weather station on impending weather conditions.

The apps mentioned above will be your stepping stones to be a dexterous gardener and hence fulfill your dreams of a lush, green garden.

Photo Credit By: lowes.com