Botanicalls Twitter – The Device That Helps To Know Your Plant Requirements


botanicalls twitter kitDo you want to understand your plant needs? Many times you forgot about your plant necessities and later feel that you are not able to understand your plant requirements.

Then how about installing a device that makes the plants reach out for human help! Yes there is one such device that helps the plants in asking human help.

The device is known as Botanicalls Twitter; this kit installed in the soil informs you about the plant requirements.

Special sensor is placed inside the soil [Soil testing], this sensor is moisture sensor. When the soil lacks moisture levels, this sensor activates you through message.

The message is sent to the twitter kit and then the kit sends the message to the detection circuitry. The data is then sent to the internet and from there it is sent to the mobile in 140 characters.

This is a device that can bridge the gap between the humans and plants to some extent as the plant can make the human understand about its requirements.

You can know the watering requirements of the plant and then water the plant whenever it is required.

With this Botanicalls Twitter you will never forget to water your plants on time.

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