Catch The Pesky Flies With The Fly Catcher!


fly catcherCan you stand in between buzzing of flies? No one in the world can bear the annoying sounds of the pesky flies.

When you tend to sit down in the garden to relax, you feel like all the pesky flies are around to annoy you. You keep handy an insect repellent and start killing those pesky insects.

You feel like you sat in the garden to kill all these pesky insects. Using insect repellants can also be hazardous for your health.

Thinking of a device that cuts down the toxic smell and kills all the pesky insects? There are many bluish lamps that attract the insects and kill them, but what is the convenience in them? Want a stylish electronic device which looks like a normal device and carries out the process of pest control? The fly catcher is an electronic fly-swatting device based on the idea of the Venus fly trap, which looks like the carnivores Venus plant.

Each unit of the fly catcher has a bait inside which attracts the insects towards it. Once the insect goes inside the Flytrap for bait, this device gets closed and kills the insect. The bait inside is non-toxic and lures the flies towards it. For making this device work, you need to supply 3 A-sized batteries.

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