Elegant Rain Gauge To Measure The Rain Level In Your Garden!


raingaugeRain Gauge is one of the essential garden tools for making the work in the garden easy.

There are many types in rain gauges, which calculate the water level in the garden.

But, most of the rain gauges are with boring body, which cannot bring any separate grace to the garden.

Thinking of adding an elegant rain gauge, which brings grace to your garden tools?

Jacob Jensen has come up with an innovative rain gauge, which brings a separate elegance to the garden. Many amateur gardeners feel this rain gauge as an alarm clock, but this is a gadget that can record the rain fallen in your garden.

When you are growing a separate variety of plants, which are affected with large amount of waters; you need to get a rain gauge to measure the water content.

If you find that the water is more than enough for the plant, then you can take necessary action in controlling the water.

This rain gauge also has an alarm which alerts you if excessive rain spoils your plants.

This rain gauge has a receiver and a collector which communicate without wires and works with the help of radio signals.

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