ENKI Super O2 Watering System To Enhance The Plant Growth!


o2 watering systemDo you want to grow your garden faster than the normal growing process? Want to enhance the growth of the plant and have bright leaves, more yields, and flowers for your plant?

Many think that plants do not require oxygen and they only need co2; this is false assumption.

With the supply of proper oxygen to the plant roots, you can enhance the growth of the plants and make them bloom.

Plants grow vigorously when they are supplied with oxygenated water, but where do you find oxygenated water? ENKI has come up with an innovative product that converts normal water to oxygenated water.

When you fill this gallon pitcher with normal tap water, this is converted into oxygenated water.

The uniqueness in this ENKI Super O2 Watering system can bring change in your plants within 2 weeks.

Features of ENKI Super O2 Watering:

  • Improves oxygen content in normal tap water also.
  • Improves or enhances plant growth.
  • Pitcher can hold water up to 1 gallon.
  • The handle is ergonomic and does not hurt you. It gives grip for 4 fingers.

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