Find Out The Best Spot For Your Plants With SunCalc!


suncalcDo you know how much sun light is necessary for your plants? Not all plants require the same sunlight, some plants grow in shade, some grow in light and some plants need direct sunlight.

If you place your shade plants in direct sunlight, these plants will surely die. So you need a device that lets you know the lighting conditions in your garden[garden lighting].

One such device is SunCalc; this is sun calculator which measures the sunlight and informs you in placing the plant.

Using SunCalc, you can accurately measure the photosynthesis process in a particular location.

Things to know about SunCalc:

  • You should keep the SunCalc in sunlight for 12 hours to achieve the threshold reading
  • The SunCalc should be kept in temperature less than 32 degrees, low temperatures can spoil the battery life in the SunCalc
  • You should use this device according to the instructions written on the product. Unnecessary operations can lead to malfunction of the unit and will affect the operation of the device.
  • This device is water resistant and can stand in rain but cannot withstand when submerged in water.

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