Top 5 Gadgets to Know Your Plant’s Needs

Top 5 Gadgets to Know Your Plant's Needs

For those of you who love your plants as if they were your children, the wellbeing of the precious little lives is on the top of the mind always. But other responsibilities at work or around the house may prevent you from tending to your garden all through the day. How then do you attend to their specific needs at the right time? To solve this issue, technology comes to the rescue. But isn’t technology widely considered a nemesis of nature? If you have any doubts as to how they both can get along, then read on. You will be surprised to know of the services that these modern gizmos have to offer to your garden.

Here are the top five high-tech gadgets that promise to make life easier for you and your plants.

1. Bitponics

With Bitponics, a plant environment sensor, you can make use of cloud technology to monitor several parameters such as the pH levels, water levels, light and humidity levels as well as the atmospheric temperature around your plants. The multipurpose device informs you of any alarming changes to any of these parameters.  And what’s more! It also allows you to make changes to the levels sitting in your own comfort zone.

2. Botanicalls

Ever imagined how it would be like if your plants texted you about their needs? Sounds far-fetched? Botanicalls makes this impossible scenario possible. While installing it takes quite a bit of work, what ensues when you have assembled this wonderful device is a highly advanced system of communication between you and your plants. Depending on the moisture content, the device makes your plant request you to water it and when you have done so, reminds your little plant to say thanks! How cool is that!

Top 5 Gadgets to Know Your Plant's Needs

3. Xiaomi sensors

Flowering plants require all the attention you can give them, demanding much more care than other plants. Xiaomi comes as a handy tool for gardeners who grow flowers in pots. All you have to do is plug the device into the soil. It is a highly advanced device with an extensive inbuilt database. The waterproof device has a monitor that has to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The screen then displays information on all the essential needs of the flowers, which includes requirements such as water balance, nutrients consumption, soil temperature, etc. all of which contribute towards their growth.

4. Rugiada Plant Sensor

Vegetable gardeners can make the most of this smart sensor. This irrigation device not only senses when your plants need water, it also detects how much water they need and then doesn’t stop at just that. It supplies that water to the plants! This works in three ways- it provides water as a nebulizing spray, in drips or as a rotating sprinkler, taking into account the needs of the plants.

5. Digital Pot

Those of you who are used to grow plants in pots, especially the indoor ones, will know how difficult it can be sometimes to keep them alive. Most often the issue may be with the size of the pot or the lack of knowledge of how much water to put in. But what if your pot did all this thinking by itself and told you what to do? The digital pot does just that. It comes with a USB display to tell you about temperature, water levels, humidity and conditions of the soil in which the plant grows.

With these gadgets added to your collection of garden tools, taking care of your plants will seem more fun and less hard work.