Green Solutions for High Energy Users


Businesses in certain industries who might have taken a few steps towards becoming more eco-friendly might find that there’s only so much they can do. Manufacturing companies in particular might struggle to cut their energy use, as they need a constantly large supply of energy in order to operate smoothly, but is there another way?

High Energy UsersIs renewable the future?

Green energy is slowly being taken up by smaller firms who feel they can accommodate a solar panel or a wind turbine with ease, but what about those with larger premises – they might not have the room or resources to install several panels or turbines. Total reliance on green energy right now sounds impossible, but a back-up, renewable energy can supplement any energy supply.

Having at least a small proportion of your company’s energy come from a renewable source can help to put to bed any worries about suffering a power outage. At the same time, it can help to transform your firm’s image in the eyes of customers and the public, but there are different types to choose from.

Green choices

  • Solar – this is probably the most common type of renewable energy available. It’s ideal for large scale projects like the Rollo Estate in Wandsworth, London, and in some cases, panels can last for up to 20 years each if maintained properly.
  • Wind – better for businesses on high ground, wind turbines can supply a reasonable amount of energy in windy conditions. Turbines require planning permission to be installed and can sometimes take an age to be set up.
  • Hydroelectric –the scope for developing a hydroelectric facility is limited, as it only works where there’s a river or stream nearby. However, as this case study in Scotland from Dulas shows, it can be among the most reliable forms of renewable energy out there.
  • Biomass – this involves the use of organic pellets made from decomposed material like leaves and bark. The pellets, burned in a generator, help to heat homes and offices during winter.