Modern Day Gardening Gadgets

Modern Day Gardening Gadgets

These days’ people are getting more and more involved in the practice of gardening. The modern day gardeners have opted for such gardening gadgets that are technologically advanced and equipped. These gardening gadgets are so hi-tech that they are very convenient and easy to use. Modern day gardeners are making their green thumb greener by using these below mentioned innovative gadgets and tools.

Haws Watering Can

In the previous times, gardeners used to water the garden with the help of a bucket or a cheap watering can called hose. These days, the modern gardeners are switching to British made watering cans, commonly called as Haws. Made up of either plastic or metal, these cans are designed with advanced functionality to be used in modern world.

Barnel Ratcheting Loppers

barnel ratcheting loppers

For cutting large bunch of branches and plants, the gardeners has to apply force to the hand pruners. It is indeed a very tedious task. Replacing the traditional hand pruners, a yet another modern day gardening gadget used by the gardeners is ratcheting lopper. This tool helps in multiplying the force that you apply to shed off the branches and hence the effort that is being put is lesser as compared to the hand pruner.

Pinebush Hand Rake

Advancing with time and technology, hand rake is a modern day gadget that is used by the gardeners to clean up the under bush areas. Designed sleek and lightweight, this gardening gadget is easily spear those leaves which are otherwise very hard to pick.

EZ Digger

Every gardener searches for the ways to make his garden bed the most beautiful blooming place. Modern gardeners have opted for another gadget called as EZ digger, which is an excellent tool for killing weeds, transplanting and cultivating crops and seeds.

Wifi Plant Sensor

wifi plant sensor

Introduced by Koubachi, wifi plant sensor is nowadays used by the modern gardeners to directly measure the soil temperature, moisture, and the light needed for the growth. This plant sensor is technologically so advanced that it sends notifications to the gardener regarding the changing conditions.

Defense Electronic Owl

Unlike the old day gardeners searching for the means to control pests and insects, modern day gardeners have come up with this innovative defense electronic owl. This gardening gadget is an excellent tool that is based on the scarecrow concept. Since it is battery operated, it has some kind of movements that enables the gardeners to protect their garden and field efficiently.