Motion Activated Garden Sentry To Protect The Grass From Your Pets!


motion activated water pistolYou take very much care regarding the grass growth in the garden.

But, sometimes when you are not around, there is a chance that some mischief person may spoil the sensitivity of the grass.

Even cats and dogs wander in the grass and pull the grass out.

Controlling this behavior in pets can be sometimes daunting; you will not be always around the grass to stop your pets from spoiling the grass.

You need an alert machine for alerting the person that he is on the grass and to step down from the grass.

One such gadget is Motion Activated Garden Sentry; this starts sprinkling the water [Watering] once someone steps on to the grass.

You may think this as just a normal water sprinkler; yes it is true up to an extent. You need to power on the water sprinkler to work, but this Motion Activated Garden Sentry powers on automatically once someone steps on to the grass. This is very much effective with pets, which scatter the grass in the garden.

If the pet is around the grass, then Motion Activated Garden Sentry powers on and sprinkles water. Once the water falls on the pet, it runs away from the grass. So, this is very much advised to install in your garden for avoiding regrets regarding the spoiled garden.

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