Plastics Vs Metal Sheds for Garden

metal sheds for garden

If you are someone who owns a garden or lawn, then you must know the importance of having some place to store the various gardening tools, equipments and other things. A garden shed is a superb way to create storage for those kinds of items which you need to place outside or are useful for your garden.

From garden tools to children toys and from fertilizers to pesticides, sheds can store all these things and can also double up for keeping bicycles, etc.  There are two main types of garden sheds-those made of plastic and those made of metal. Let’s learn the differences between the two to help you make the choice:

metal sheds for gardenCost

One of the major differences between metal and plastic sheds is the difference in price. Metal sheds can be several more times expensive than plastic sheds. This doesn’t mean that metal sheds are better but only reflects the cost of production.


Another point of difference between plastic and metal sheds is the difference in the maintenance costs. It is a fact that sheds made of plastic are easier to maintain because plastic is a weather-resistance material which can withstand both hot and cold temperatures.  Also, unlike metal, plastic sheds do not get rusted over time. They also resist rotting, infestation, moisture and humidity.


As far as assembling is concerned, plastic sheds are easier to assemble and can be quickly assembled.  You do not need a handyman or a builder to help you out to put together a shed made of plastic.

Visual Appeal

Another point of difference between plastic and metal sheds is the visual appeal. Where on one hand, metal sheds appear more attractive, plastic sheds may lack on this point.  Its overall aesthetic value is not too high.


Where on one hand metal sheds tend to be sturdier and durable, plastic sheds may not be that strong.  They are powerful enough to stand strong even during hurricanes, strong winds or rains but this feature may not be available in the case of plastic sheds.


Where on one hand, plastic sheds are available in many designs, patterns and qualities, metal sheds may be limited in choice. You can choose from many colors in the case of plastic sheds but you may need to get a metal shed painted to get a desired color.

Now that you know the differences, you can go for the shed depending upon your needs and requirements.