Robolawn – An Innovative Product In Lawn Mowers


robolawnLawn mowers can be sometimes very troublesome. You need to be very careful while cutting the grass with the lawn mower.

Slightest mistake can create a patch in the garden floor, giving an awkward look.

The cutting can be in shift process if your garden has over grown grass. When you have slopes in the garden, then the lawn mower will surely trouble you.

Do you feel that you need a break from this boring grass cutting process? Then there is a solution, robot lawn mower can minimize your tension in cutting grass in the garden and make your garden look better.

Robolawn LB3200 is actually an adaptive programming technique which works with computer technology. The computer inside the Robolawn LB3200 acts according to the circumstances or reprograms itself in cutting the yard according to your requirements.

This robolawn LB3200 gives you a healthy looking garden while conserving battery life and increasing the durability of the electric motor.

Once you program the Robolawn LB3200, it carries out its work without your presence. It can cover the area up to 33,000 sq .ft and can even navigate slopes with inclination 27°.

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