Solar-Powered Courtesy Light For Your Garden


Everyone who owns a beautiful garden wants to make it shine at night by adding effective lighting.

Because lighting can increase your power bill substantially, many garden lovers go for smaller lights, to light up dark corners.

Want to try a cheap option? These days, solar lights have become popular as they can light up your garden without increasing your power bill by much.

Besides being functional and able to fit in a variety of spots, the solar powered courtesy light is affordable and the best solution to minimize your lighting needs.

Features of solar powered courtesy light:

  • Works on solar batteries, so no wiring is required to supply power to it.
  • The lighting from the solar-powered courtesy lighting is bright white LED lighting.
  • The lighting can cover up to 8 meters.
  • The light has detection facility; it gets on when someone is roaming around the light.
  • The detection angle in this light is about 100 degrees.
  • Simple and easy to install.
  • This light must be charged in direct sunlight once a week for proper working.

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