Solar Powered Pond Pumps – Pros & Cons

Solar Powered Pond Pumps – Pros & Cons

Solar powered pond pumps are the best way to pump water outdoors and in remote locations where there is no electricity. Such pumps have become very popular and are being used in agricultural fields, gardens and many other places. The other two types of pumps that are used for the same purposes are external pumps and submersible pumps. Like everything else in this world, solar powered pond pumps also have many advantages and few disadvantages as well. Let’s have a look at them:

solar powered pond pumps


It is indeed a wonderful thing to make use of free and a clean source of energy these days. The advantages of using solar powered pond pumps are:

  • Eco-friendly and Clean: Solar energy is a clean source of energy and it is also renewable and inexhaustible. There are no harmful emissions associated with the use of solar energy.
  • Energy Efficient: Energy efficiency is probably the biggest advantage associated with solar powered pond pumps. It makes use of the energy radiated from the sun to work and there is ample solar energy available. This is best suited for countries like India and many African countries that receive the direct rays of the sun for most parts of the year.
  • Cost Effective: As compared to the other two types of pumps, these are more affordable. Solar pond pumps can be easily installed without the help of a professional and there is no recurrent electricity cost as well.
  • Safe: These do not make use of electricity and hence is not dangerous to either humans or fishes. There are no wires and hence, there is no chance of short circuits making them ideal for home usage as well.


There are few drawbacks associated with solar powered pond pumps and they are:

  • Small panels: The solar panels that these pumps are equipped with are very small and that makes these insufficient to meet the needs of a big pond.
  • Solar powered pond pump or for that matter any appliance powered with solar energy do not work during the nights or when it is cloudy. They cannot store energy for later use and that is a major drawback. Countries having little sunshine cannot use these either.

These cons can be overlooked compared to the pros. Moreover, the technology used in these pumps is advancing day by day and these pumps get equipped with energy storing capacity, these would become more wide accepted.