Thirsty Light To Inform Water Necessity For The Plant!


thirsty lightDo you know watering requirements of your plants? Many times your ignorance regarding the watering requirements can literally kill the plant.

Water is very much required for proper growth of the plant. You should never make the plant dry; watering is the basic necessity of the plant.

There are many devices in the market for letting you know the plant requirements, but all those devices check the soil or detect the soil[Soil Testing] for knowing the plant. These devices cannot provide accurate measures.

Sometimes, the readings of these devices can give you false requirements of the soil. Here is a device, called as thirst light, which gives you the exact measurements of dryness in the potting medium. This Thirst Light digital moisture meter uses an original process for understanding the exact necessities of the plant.

When your plant requires the water, the thirst light blinks. With this blinking, you must understand that the plant needs water.

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