A Comprehensive Guide to Watering Timers

guide to watering timers

In this day and age where everything ranging from electricity to gas has become expensive, it is only wise to use products which can help us save costs of these daily utilities. If you wish to save water and the costs incurred on using water supply, you can take into use a product called watering timer. A watering timer is equipment which can help people use water judiciously and wisely.

guide to watering timers


It not only prevents wastage of water but also helps you save a lot of money on your monthly water bill.  But how does one know which watering timer is good and which suits your needs perfectly?  Well, here’s a guide for you:

Types of Watering Timers:

The following are the three types of watering timers:

1. Automatic shut off Watering Timer

This is a type of a watering timer which controls one sprinkler or hose at a moment and generally varies in between the price of $10 to $35.  In this type of a timer, you need to set the dial manually every time you turn the water supply. The water tends to shut off on its own when the time is up.

2. Digitally Programmable Watering Timers

This is the second variety of watering timers and the price range in which it is available is $25 to $40.  These types of watering timers have preset programs which can be used to program not only the start time but also the frequency and duration of watering.  This type of a timer turns on and off according to the times set by you. The advantage with these kinds of programmers is that even if you have to go out of your home for a few days, they will take care of your lawn and water it on a regular basis.

3. Multi zone digitally programmable Watering Timers

This is the third variety of watering timers and are similar to the previous type. In this watering timer, users can connect 4 hoses or sprinklers. Each of these hoses can be programmed individually. The price range in which these timers are available are $30 to $75. These timers are perfect for those people who have certain critical areas in their lawn which need to be watered while they are away for an extended period of time.

So depending upon these specifications, you can select your preferred choice of a watering timer.