The Best Kids Gardening Tools You Can Choose for Your Young


Gardening is a fulfilling hobby and a great way to introduce young kids to the ways of nature. It is not just good exercise but also instills a sense of responsibility in the child. Gardening can be made fun and more rewarding for your child with the right kids gardening tools.

Basics of involving kids in gardening

If you have the save, it is always better to assign a small garden bed for the child. If space is a constraint consider marking a separate container or planter for the child. Let the child know that he/she will be responsible for taking care of the particular section of garden earmarked for them. Introduce them to the basics of gardening and sowing with the help of specially made kid’s gardening tool sets that include a kid-sized shovel, spade and trowel.

kids Gardening ToolsTake care to involve the child through all the processes and stages of growing plants, right from sowing, taking care, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting and the end use of the product.

Do pitch in with a little help, when they are not around. You may take care of a little weeding or pest control, but let the child not know about your contribution to their plants.

Kids can try growing vegetables, fruits and flowers that show results in a short period. This will help maintain their interest and inspire them to work harder in the garden with their little garden tools.

Sunflowers, nasturtiums, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, radishes, carrots, potatoes, bush beans, pumpkins, strawberries and watermelons among others have short growing periods that keep the children involved.

Kids gardening tools to make it look like serious work

It is essential that you provide proper gardening tools for your children to make them take gardening seriously. The right kid tools will give them a sense of doing something worthy.

You can spark your child’s interest in gardening long before they are old enough to want to try things on their own. The root view kits are a great way to introduce the child to growing plants. Tubular plants like carrots, potatoes and radishes are just right to let them see the growth process of a plant.

They can observe all the stages including germination, sapling, tubular growth and the right time to harvest the vegetables for their dinner.

Teach the young ones to handle little tools

Get the child a lovely gardening tote to hold all the Kids gardening tools. They will start carrying it out to the garden and will want to work in earnest. With a kid sized wheel barrow you can involve them in transferring soil, compost or other needs. Smaller versions of other gardening equipment like water cans, garden rake, leaf rake and spade shovel will encourage them to involve themselves in the various activities around the garden, and not just their personal bed.

Among other cute kids gardening tools, you may like to pick a gardening apron, gardening gloves and even a bug bungalow for the little gardeners. The small and bright kid tools will inspire your child to work hard in their garden, and develop a hobby that will last all their life.

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