Pruning and the Best Tools for It

Did your trees, climbers, shrubs or perennials grow last year during the wet weather? If so, it’s time to start cleaning your garden, by starting pruning. Since there are a lot of different models, we will present some of them so you can chose what is best for you.

PruningIf you wonder how you can choose a pruning tool, you should know that a bypass pruner will work for you if the plants are young and an anvil pruner will be better if they’re overgrown (this one works better on wood).

Also, you must pick a tool that is easy for you to grasp. Avoid overstretching when using one, because it will be uncomfortable, and choose a size proper for your stature.

Hand pruners. Hand pruners that are lighter and easier to work with are loppers and shears.

Using this kind of tools, the snips will be more precise, the unwanted branches will be easier to thin and you can have access in small spaces.

A highlight of the hand pruners is that they can cut green wood that has the diameter of 3/4 inch and hard wood 1/2 inch thick. There are 2 types of hand pruners: bypass and anvil.

Bypass pruner

This one uses a scissoring principle with a curved blade. They work best on green stems or growing stems. You can do thinning on shrubs (dogwood), lilac, forsythia and mock orange during spring. For maintenance during summer, you can use it on shrubs (Spiraea), trimming roses, woody perennials and other flowers.

Anvil pruner

Making good use of a wedge-shaped blade and using a splitting action, this pruner is best for dry branches and stems. During spring you can thin woody shrubs like elderberry or butterfly bush. Dead roses can be pruned in early spring, you can prune the candles on pines in late spring and yews in late summer.

There are several great companies that are producing high quality pruners: Bacho (referred to as Sandvik) tolls are scientifically designed for professional workers. They are also tested for greater efficiency, less physical output and of course, more comfort.

Corona Clipper tools are famous for their quality. They can be used by both amateur and professional workers due to their durable design suitable for heavy work.

Silky Saws makes the best pole saws. Their design is inspired by old Samurai swords. So if you want to have a perfect cut, use Silky Saws for your garden.

Felco tools are lasting a lifetime. They’re loved by professionals due to their easy adjustable function, so they offer perfect cuts. You can even buy spare parts, if one of them breaks. Swiss made, Felco offer you high quality products and accessories.

Berger tools are a small line of pruners, hedge shears, loppers and pole pruners made in Germany. These are traditionally designed light tools that offer you durability and stability over time.

Tina tools are horticultural knives suitable for grafting, pruning and budding. Horticulture industry usually uses Tina knives because of their high quality and their precise cuts. The blades are hand-forged which makes them sharper for a longer time.