Row Covers and its use in a Garden

row covers in garden

A gardener faces a number of problems like the fear of insects, late frosts or a short growing season. However, thankfully with the development of row covers in the garden, a gardener can come over these problems in an eco friendly manner.

Row covers are quite useful for any garden and come in a variety of materials including plastic and other fabrics. They can protect your garden from vital damager and may also lead to early growth of some crops. Some of the most important use of row covers includes:

row covers in garden

Early Growth and Extension of the Season

Creating a green house effect with the help of any kind of covering such as a row cover is not a new idea. People have been doing it for a long time now and are a fully tested way of increasing the productivity of plants.

In the initial days, paper materials were used to cover the plants but now day’s row covers is the solution to this problem. Row covers help in early growth and season extension by protecting the plants from the outside air which might be harsh or humid at times.


Row covers provide adequate cooling for the plants. When the seeds are planted in the soil, they are covered with the row covers to protect them from any damage. These planted seeds are covered in such a way so that a proper ventilation is left for the air to come in.

Lightweight row covers are ideal as you don’t need to tie them up with wires. They can be easily placed on the plants. Row covers are generally removed from the plants only after three to four weeks of planting them.

Insect Control

To prevent the insects from growing in the plants, it is important that the plants must be covered with the row covers before insects attack them. Once the insects have attacked them, the row covers don’t prove to be much useful.

Not only placing the row covers on the top of the plants saves your plant from insects but it is also important to seal it properly to prevent the insects from crawling in.

Row covers are quite important for saving your crops from the harmful insects and also increase the productivity. Buying a row cover depends on the needs of the gardener which is why it is available in various types.

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