The Garden Needs To Be Toxin Free Too


Bamboo Biochar is turning to be the dream fertilizer for any gardener. This revolutionary product is made by a British company and is perhaps the strongest fertilizer, which cleans all kinds of toxins in your garden.

The eco soil is made by entirely new technology, which works by taking CO2 from the atmosphere and using it as soil improving component.

Biochar is already a winner of the most prestigious award in the world – the Nobel Prize. The fertilizer is using new innovative technology for restoring carbon to the depleted soil. This way the product contains significant amount of CO2.

The Bamboo Biochar is also good for anyone, who wants to reduce the carbon footprint and it’s good to know that this will not change any of your garden habits.

The Biochar is also helping the plants grow healthier and faster and the good news is it is made to reduce the ground emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions.

You can use the fertilizer on any plant and it is good for all kind of soils. Even if you don’t face difficulties in growing your plants, the fertilizer will totally reduce and clean the toxins in your yard.