Tips for your Garden Tool Care

tips for your garden tool care

As much as you care for your garden, it is significant to take proper care for the gardening tools as well. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your garden tools not only enhances your gardening, but it saves you from spending money on buying them repeatedly. Given below are few tips essential for your garden tool care:

tips for your garden tool careClean the Digging Tools after Each use

You can simply wash off the soil from the digging tools after each use with a forceful water splashed with the garden hose. Cleaning with a stiff brush is even better and you need to dry it thoroughly to avoid rust.

Oil the Tools Regularly

It is advisable to dip your garden tools in lubricant oil or motor oil at the end of the day after using them. This will secure the tools from rusting, and it is best to use linseed oil for this, to avoid the motor oil residue on your soil the next time you use the tool.

Clean the Wood Handles

Cleaning the metal handles of the garden tools is equally important and you can use a rag to wipe the wooden handles. Linseed oil is good for this, but make sure that the rag you are using is not soaked with used oil. It is important to clean and dry the rag between uses.

Storage of Garden Tools

It is significant to store the garden tools indoors, in a clean and dry atmosphere. It is best to hang them instead of stacking them together on the floor, as this can prevent moisture from accumulating.

Cleaning of Pruning and Trimming Tools

Superior quality pruning and trimming tools can last long if you maintain them by cleaning regularly. You can clean them with water and soap with the help of a scrub or nail brush to remove the stubborn dirt. Dry them thoroughly and then apply a lubricant like a three-in-one oil as it dissolves quickly. You can also use mineral spirits to remove the persistent residues, which could be avoided in future by the daily cleaning routine.

Sharpen the Tools Occasionally

In order to maintain the tools in the best condition, it is preferable to invest in a sharpening equipment to give the blades of the tools an occasional whetting.

It is ideal to opt for stainless steel garden tools instead of metallic ones, which are easy to maintain. However, irrespective of the material used, a garden tools care regime following the above tips can save your time and money.