The Best Way To Use A Garden Vacuum

how to use garden vacuum

Do you have a lawn or garden in your backyard? Well then you must be familiar with what a garden vacuum is. A garden or lawn vacuum is an essential equipment for all garden owners which is meant to suck out all kinds of debris such as fallen leaves and grass.

how to use garden vacuum


Just like the way carpet vacuums work, garden vacuums too use the technique of suction to remove the unwanted debris and stores it in a vacuum bag.  A lot of people do not know how to use a garden vacuum and for their reference, we have the following given points.

  • The first step to use a garden vacuum is to start it either through manual mode or through the mode of an electric start.  After the motor starts running, you will need to put the choke level into the mode of ‘run’.
  • The next step to use the garden vacuum is to adjust your vacuum into the first gear and choose the speed setting.  Your first speed setting must be the lowest speed and the third and final setting must be on the highest speed.
  • Now next, take your garden vacuum near the debris in the garden and manoveur its handle over it. The suction will suck all the debris articles like leaves. Make sure the debris isn’t in pile form as these vacuums do not work well over piles of leaves or grass.
  • Before you shift onto the next gear level, make sure you let the wheels stop completely. When the equipment is stopped, come into the neutral mode.
  • If you wish to change the direction of the vacuum, raise it a little from the front wheels and then take it to the desired direction.
  • If you now want to turn off the garden vacuum completely, you will need to bring it into the neutral mode first and then select the control level to the ‘Idle’ position.  After this, you must shut off the motor.
  • You must always empty the vacuum bag so as to prepare it for its next use.  If you bag is full, its suction won’t work and will lose power.  In order to empty the vacuum bag, you will first need to shut off the engine and then place a plastic garbage bag under the vacuum bag of the garden vacuum.  Now you will need to unzip the vacuum bag to push the debris out.