What Gloves Are Fit For Which Gardening Activity?


Season has changed and it is again that time of the year when gardeners have to clean and pack the gardening tools after carefully using them in spring.

For some people, gardening is a leisure activity, but for others, it is their profession.

This is one activity which asks for skill as well as creativity.

gardening glovesEven though there are many tools which are readily available for each and every activity, there are still many people who prefer to use their hands. And it is due to this reason; hand gloves became quite important and find a significant application in gardening.

Gloves are very important tools which play a vital role in protecting your hands. A broad range of hand gloves are available in the market which can make your task more pleasing and simple.

Making a selection for gloves

A huge variety of garden gloves can be seen available in the market. You can find cotton gloves which are low in cost but hardly protect your hands from spines and pricks.

In addition to this, they tend to soak water in huge quantities which not only makes them heavy but also uncomfortable for the gardener.

Another variety of the gloves is the mix of Leather and Cotton. These kinds of gloves provide better protection but still have the properties of absorbing water due to the presence of cotton.

A new variety of hand gloves for gardening is also introduced in the market which is made from Lycra or Spandex. Since it was hard to find these gloves for women, Foxgloves introduced a unisex collection which includes multicolored and stylish gloves.

These gloves fit well on both men and women’s hands, do not soak water and are quite durable due to the nylon material on the palm and finger areas.

Apart from the collection by Foxgloves, you can also try Bionic gloves which are especially made for men which are very durable and comfortable at the same time.

Furthermore, there are Mud gloves which come heavily rubber coated. If your work includes mixing chemicals then you should choose nitrile gloves which are also disposable.

Gloves for handling roses

To handle roses and other such thorny plants, you require rose gauntlets. These gloves provide protection till the elbow and are best suited for rose gardening.

If you dislike gloves

For those who dislike wearing gloves, silicon spray may be a good option. This spray provides complete protection against plant discharges that you may come across while gardening.

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