7 Steps to a New Spring Garden


With the spring in mind many gardeners feel the urge of giving their garden a makeover. So here are the basic steps to make some changes and get a new look for your garden.

spring garden

1. Line it up

Make the best of your landscaping idea and be bold. Play with the lines and trace curves, or go parallel with the lines of the house. In order not to make a mistake you can use a long hose and arrange it according to your desire. Once you reach the desired shape, mark the path of the hose with sand or flour.

2. Get rid of the grass

If there is a lot of grass in the place you want to build the garden at, remove it by digging out the roots or cut the grass with a lawnmower. If you have time to wait, press the grass and place some newspaper sheets on it. Cover the area with dirt. But in this method, you’ll still have to wait a few months for the grass to dry.

3. Dig

Dig and level the ground to remove any trace of roots or stones. If you have a soil which is not exactly rich, feel free to use compost or fertilizer.

4. Create the limits of the garden beds

In order to keep the grass and other plants in place, a good delimitation is required. A deep ditch of 12 cm will prevent any “invasion”. As an alternative you can always make the delimitation with the help of the garden fence.

5. Decide about the plant’s place

Before planting, place the plants in the designated area. It will simplify the plating process and also give you a perspective over the garden.

6. Plant

After placing them, start planting. Make sure you untangle the roots. Take the necessary time no matter how boring the task may seem. Tangled roots will not allow the plants to survive replanting.

7. Water the plants

After planting, water the plants generously. Of course, both – planting and watering – must be done immediately after sunrise or sunset and not during the midday.

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