Best Ways to Take Care of Hanging Flower Baskets

ways to take care of hanging flower baskets

Don’t flower baskets just look amazing? Whether you have a garden at your home or not, flower baskets can still be used or hanged at any area in the house and look just as superb in any corner. You can hang them in your balcony, near the front door, in the driveway and even inside the home. But it is very important to take care of and maintain these hanging flower baskets regularly as to ensure that they look beautiful and radiant always.  The following are some of the best ways to take care of hanging flower baskets at home:

ways to take care of hanging flower basketsWatering

One of the most important aspects of caring for a hanging flower basket is to water it regularly.  Such baskets tend to dry out quickly and it is thus important to maintain their hydration level.  On lifting the basket, if it feels light, that means that water has been dried out and it is in serious need of watering.


Another aspect to keep in mind is to place the hanging flower basket in such a way that it gets ample sunlight. Both lack and abundance of light can damage the flowers and the plants and hence you must choose a strategic location which receives the right amount of sunlight. Also you must check the individual requirements of all plants in the hanging basket to ensure each is getting the right amount of sunlight.


Once the flowers or plants in the hanging flower basket begin to fade away, it is important to deadhead them. This is important because this will make way for the new ones to grow and more flower and branch formations to arise. Also, this will keep the basket look fresh and beautiful always.


Another effective tip for taking care of hanging flower baskets is to fertilize the blooms at least one time every week or after every seven waterings. This helps to make sure that the plants grow nicely and live long. This makes them healthy and makes them grow large.

More fertilizing is important because due to several and frequent waterings, the plants tend to lose their nutrients.  Liquid based fertilizers work the best for hanging baskets but you must remember not to over fertilize because there are many chemicals in these fertilizers which may not be good for the health of the plants or the flowers.