Common Problems That Take Away The Beauty Of The Garden!


Do you own a beautiful garden at home? Want to maintain it? This is the most problematic part for any gardener, as maintaining the beauty of the garden is very hard.

If the plants growth is slowed down or the plants are affected with diseases, the garden loses it beauty.

So, know about different problems the plants face, which take away the beauty of the garden.

Apartment gardens are becoming very famous as they can be set-up in small area while providing elegance of garden.

These gardens face many problems as the space allotted is very less. Here are few tips to make gardening easy.

Problems which take away the beauty of the garden:

There are many problems that make the garden lose the beauty. Plants get withered due to various reasons and knowing these reasons is the best way to control the effects in the garden.

No production: Have you ever seen plants which grow tall and do not show any signs of production? Some times plants grow vigorously and do not show any production such as flowers or fruits. Do you love the plants without the production? Fruits or flowers are the attraction for the plants and beautiful plants make beautiful garden.

This happens due to insufficient light, if you observe any loss of production in your plants; understand this is due to low lighting.

If natural light is not enough, you must provide artificial lighting to support the plant for production.

Wilted: Drooping plants are like lifeless plants and give the same effect on the garden too. This is due to the over watering or less watering. If the reason is not providing adequate water then see that you water your plants properly.

Even after providing water if you face the same problem, this is due to the loss of drainage facility. Check for proper drainage and see that excess water flows down easily.

Yellowing: Have you ever observed that your leaves get yellow and fall? Wondering why is this happening to your plants? This occurs due to extra moisture in the plants; when you see this first thing to check is the drainage facility in the plants.

Improper drainage facility can lead to yellowing of the plants. The other reason is inadequate fertilizer supply to the plants.

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