Compost For Spring – Prepare It The Right Way


Composting in order to nourish the soil is one of the most important things, when it comes to gardening.

Any gardener knows that preparing the compost is also a duty that should be done before the spring. The late autumn is the right time to create your own compost, not to mention it is an inexpensive way to maintain a rich and eco friendly soil.

New compost heap

compostingSpring is the season, when you should use the compost you already made. One of the most important things when preparing your own compost is to start a new compost heap.

This way the old compost will be left to mature and meanwhile, you will prepare your new compost.

Compost Mate

The very next step is to research about the so called “Compost Mate”. It is a special spiral-mixing tool. You will need it, because you will mix the old compost every week. It is said that by mixing it you will speed up the decomposition. The weather changes also reflect the composting process.

Compost Conditioner

When the weather is warmer, the microbes and the worms in the compost are more active and they will require some nutrition. There is a special nutrition that can be purchased in any garden store.

The compost conditioner is extremely effective in this matter and it is often used in the organic farming. It is made out of plants without any toxins or harmful substances.

Purchase Compost Conditioner and mix it up with cow manure. Add the mixture to the compost, in order to enrich the process of composting. You can also add handfuls of chicken manure, for it is praised as one of the best manures, when it comes to home- made compost.

Mix cow and chicken manure

You can mix cow and chicken manure together; this will even speed up the process, in case you are in a rush. Another important thing, which you should consider carefully, is the bad weather. Usually the compost dries easily in the late summer, as well as in the late autumn.

compost bins

Compost blanket

The specialists recommend the Tumbleweed circular Can-O-Worms blankets but if you cannot afford it you can cover the compost with an old blanket. You can also cover it with a hessian sack or some old jumper.

Smell and color

Usually the gardeners are worried about the smell, but you should know that when the compost is ready, the smell of it actually gets a specific earthy aroma. This is a sign that your compost is ready to be used.  When the compost has a dark rich color, this means the organic matter is broken down and the compost is ready.

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