Crop Rotation And Cleanup To Avoid Garden Pest!


garden pestCrop rotation and clean up can help to prevent the pest in your garden.

Garden sanitation is must for all gardeners who have garden pests and disease problems at any time through out the year.

The main problem for every gardener is insect pests and plant pathogens. Therefore, they will have a strong excitement and determination to clean them from the garden.

As a gardener, you oppose to use chemicals in your garden. Because these chemicals will quickly blow out the attackers from your garden, but they also kill useful organisms that are necessary for your garden.

In long term, you and your landscape will be exposed to toxic chemicals, and there will be a great risk, disturbing the natural ecosystem that you and your garden inhabit.

After considering all things, you can approach for organic method that is protective and more efficient. Organic method helps to control the garden pests in natural way and you can therefore enjoy healthy gardening and harvest.

Garden pest with organic methods

When you are using organic methods to control pests and diseases in your garden, you can obtain a healthier garden. Not only you, but the plants, birds, insects and animals in your garden will be safe.

When you are using organic method for pest control, it will not eliminate all the insects that upset the natural balance of life in your garden. This method also does not keep the birds and animals in danger by exposing them to poisonous chemicals.

Care of your plants

you should take good plant care as insects, garden pest and diseases usually attack unhealthy plants. That means you have to pay close attention to them and provide the plants with the conditions they need for healthy, vigorous growth.

Use healthy soils to grow the plants. Improve soil structure, nutrient levels and water holding capacity in your garden by adding organic matter in your garden.

Crop rotation in your garden

Crop rotation can reduce insect damage and minimize the exposure to soil borne disease organisms because if you grow the same plant in the same place the next year, you give those garden pests a big head start.

Crop rotation not only helps in garden pest control but also keeps the soil nutrients in balance over time.

Garden cleanup

Until the other waste materials into the soil are put in your compost file, eliminate and dispose disease infected plants. To expose the remaining eggs, larva and pupa to birds and cold temperatures, cultivate the soil.

Keep on the top of the weeds around your garden, since they can also harbor insect garden pests. Make your garden cleanup a part of your yearly routine.

Good sanitation is another way for reducing the problems in garden. Remove weeds, leaves of the plant that are affected by disease and the diseased plants as well as surrounding mulch from your garden.

A clean garden is a healthy garden. For a healthy garden, you have to identify the pest or insects affecting the garden.

Identify the pest

Your first job when you discover a problem is to identify the pest and the damage caused by it. The garden pest should be identified and know how to overcome the pests. If you are unable to identify the garden pest, better consult a professional.