Good Weeds for the Garden


Good weed, bad weed – they are still weeds. Every garden owner would like to have a nice garden and also a lot of garden products, so the majority of people try to rip out every single weed. The same thing is true for the lawns that are supposed to be green and pretty.

Weeds in The GardenStill, before you actually start cleaning out your garden, you should think about the fact that the weeds also have their purpose in nature and they might have a benefic effect over your garden.

Naturally it is important to state that you should never let them grow as they please, but people should put a very definite limit to it.

One of the most important advantageous effects that the weeds might have is that they will draw certain good bugs to the garden, such as ladybugs or predatory wasps, bees, butterflies, and moths.

These bugs will find food and shelter around the weeds and they will keep at distances the other unwanted bugs.

Some of the common weeds also have a natural insect repellant. This means that in case you would let them grow around your vegetables; the weeds would protect the useful vegetation as well.

In certain situations the weeds are the only plants that might survive, for example in case there is a lot of heat and lack of water. The weeds could protect the soil from erosion and when the rain returns you will be able to replant the grass.

Another really useful feature of the weeds is that you might bury the weeds into the soil because some of them have the characteristic of being able to take nitrogen from the air and fix it into the soil. This way the soil will have more nutrients for the plants that you would like to grow.

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