How To Improve Quality Of Garden Soil?


Garden soil is most important source for a successful and healthy garden.

When you really want to keep your garden healthy and yielding at all conditions, you have to take proper care for your garden soil.

Here are few tips to improve the fertility of your garden soil.

Treat it appropriately

Preserve the crumbliness of your garden soil by not compacting it with foot traffic. Don’t work on the soil when it is wet, which can possibly reduce the success of your seedlings.

Raise pH of soil if necessary

Ground limestone is best source to raise pH levels of acidic garden soil.

Limestone is considered as natural soil sweetener which is quite capable to neutralize extremely acidic soils as well. So, you can add limestone particularly in fall season to allow it to dissolve in the soil.

Add enough organic matter

This is the most important part of garden soil improvement. Fall is the best time to add enough organic matter to your garden soil. Lawn clippings, dead leaves and other waste materials of garden are best sources of organic matter to add. But, avoid adding diseased plants to organic matter.

No matter whatever may be your soil type, you can improve its fertility and best yielding properties by regularly adding enough organic matter to it.