All the Reasons to Use Hydroponic Growing Systems


In our days the hydroponic growing systems are gaining more and more popularity and there are several different methods to choose from. We all know that the plants require oxygen, water and food in order to be able to survive and these are exactly the things that these systems offer.

Hand watering as a system for hydroponic growing

Although some people don’t consider this one of the systems, this is the simplest one that you can ever think of. In this case everything comes down to one concept: the nutrients can be found in water.

Hydroponic Growing SystemsIn case you are growing plants in containers, using perlite, coconut coir and vermiculite regarding hydroponic growing systems, that all lack nutrients, you should add the nutrients to the water to be able to use a system for hydroponics growing.

The good thing about vermiculite and coconut coir is that they retain water, and so you don’t have to hand water the plants that often. In such a case you could also be using sphagnum peat.

This is a system that all people could use at home because it is very simple. Another good thing about the hydroponic growing systems is that it is an easy way to go organic.

Deep water culture

This one of the systems is also known as DWC or reservoir method, and it is just as easy to use as the previous method.

All there is need for you to do in case of this system for hydroponic growing is to get a container with 2 inches of nutrient solution and place the containers in the solution. Another thing that you will need is an aquarium air pump that would help with the growth of the roots of the plants.

It is also common in case of these systems for hydroponic growing is to make holes in the bottom of the containers and allow the roots of the plants to grow into the solution. It is another good idea to try to stop light from getting to the solution of nutrients. This is in order to prevent the appearance of algae. These can consume the nutrients of your solutions from the hydroponic growing systems and they also attract fungus that will lead to other problems.

This method is also suitable for home use, and since there is no equipment used, nothing could go wrong.

Flood and drain

This is one of the systems for hydroponic growing and the main point in this case is that the plants are planted in their pots, away from the nutrients solution. From time to time you will have to use a pump that will transfer the solution to the pots, flooding them. Then the pump has to stop so that the solution will go back to the reservoir.

It is up to you to decide how often you want to flood the plants. In case of fast draining substances used with hydroponic growing systems it is enough to flood the pots about 4 times a day.