Improve Your Knowledge About Lawn Maintenance For Healthy Lawn!


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Lawns will absorb water and hold water that helps in reducing storm runoff and improving water quality.

Lawn Maintenance is very greater because it provides significant cooling effect, oxygen, traps dust and dirt, promotes healthful micro-organisms, and prevents erosion and filters rainwater contaminants.

Basics to maintain a healthy lawn

If you develop a healthy lawn that is naturally resistant to insects, weeds and diseases, dependence on chemical fertilizers can be reduced. For fertilizing your lawn more than once a year, follow few basics to improve the natural health of your lawn [Ideas for landscaping].

The first and foremost thing you have to perform in maintenance of lawn is to improve the soil. Select the PH of the soil slightly acidic that is between 6.5 and 7.0. Observe that lawn grows best in loamy soils that have a mix of silt, clay and sand.

More clay in the soil mix can affect your lawn and can compact the soil. This prevents the air and nutrient flow. Aeration, the process of lifting small plugs to turf for creating spaces in the soil, is necessary for such compacted soil. You have to aerate the soil because aeration is best done before top dressing and fertilizing [Tips to use right fertilizer].

The next thing you have to choose is locally adapted grass. There are different types of grasses based on the type of climate, the amount of nutrients and water requirement, shade tolerance and the degree of wear they can withstand. Take the help of a local garden center to recommend grass that is best for your area.

For proper maintenance of lawn, watering is important. Thorough watering encourages the lawn in developing deep root systems, which makes the lawn harder and drought resistant.  watering in early morning is the best thing you can do.

Proper thatch is necessary for perfect grounds lawn maintenance. Thatch is the accumulation of above soil runners, propagated by the grass. On healthy lawn, this layer must be about 1.25 cm. Always remember not to use excess thatch as too much of it will prevent nutrients and water to reach the roots of the grass.

Tips for sustainable lawn care

You can follow few tips for lawn maintenance that will be sustainable. You have to water early in the morning because much of the water from daytime watering is lost to evaporation. Always avoid over watering because it’s more damaging than under watering.

You have to keep pesticide use to a minimum because pesticides kill the soil organisms which contribute to a healthy lawn and proper lawn maintenance.