Is Garden Pest Control Helps To Get Rid Of The Unwanted Guests Present In Your Garden?


Pest ControlYou will certainly face the problem with the pests if you have a garden.

Pest control is not a big problem, but you have to take proper measures in order to avoid the pests in your garden, otherwise it can damage or threaten the health of your plants, flowers and garden.

Even your health also disturbs when you enter into the garden if there are lots of pests in your garden.

In order to protect your garden from the pests, you should know the most common pests which affect the gardens and what are the preventive measures that should be followed to get rid of those pests.

Here are the steps in order to eradicate the pests in your garden:

  • Have a regular check of the plants present in your garden. If you find any infection to the plants attained with the pests, then you have to find which type of pests affected the plants.
  • There are various types of pests, some will be seasonal and some will be affecting the plants throughout the year.
  • You have to spray the insecticides which will eradicate that particular insect and which does not cause any damage to the plants present in your garden.
  • You have to take proper measures while spraying the insecticides to the plants because those insecticides will have harmful chemicals which will destroy the pests.

Other than spraying the insecticides you can also control the pests in three ways:

  • Physical pest control
  • Biological pest control
  • Safer pest control recipes

Physical pest control: This is the time consuming process but it is the natural method. In this method, you have to do the things physically in order to control the bugs and other pests by creating barriers and traps, picking grubs off by hand and by plugging holes.

If you have the problem with snails, then look for them in their hiding places with strap like foliage.

Biological pest control: In this process, you have to get rid of the pests by introducing the insects that eat the pests. Predatory insects such as green lace wings and dragonflies can help to control the pests. They eat aphids and other pests which attack your plants.

Do you want to know how to attract those insects? It is not a big problem! Try for them by simply placing the shallow bowl of water in your garden. This will work because dragonflies love water and will hover around it.

Safer pest control recipes: Mix up some solutions for controlling the pests in your garden which are safe and you will get those ingredients in your kitchen. Mix one table spoon of liquid soap and one cup of vegetable oil to get rid of the green mites and aphids.

You have to dilute a teaspoon of solution in a cup of water and should spray this on green aphids and mites. You can control the pests with this method.