Keep Your Lawn Free Of Weeds And Chemicals


Controlling your lawn doesn’t sound the easiest thing for many gardeners, which are trying to remove the weed without any chemicals or toxins. Yet, for the organic farmers there is a method to control the weed in a natural way.

garden lawn

Here are few tips how to grow weed- free lawn without the interference of the chemicals. The first step is to remove the already existing weed, but you should be careful, because you need to remove it by hand.

This way you will remove the root system and the weed will not spread across your lawn. Moisten your lawn, before removing, in order to remove the roots easier. Another important issue is to choose a treatment regime.

Nowadays there are many organic fertilizers and weed-remover products made out of organic and pure ingredients. One of those is the corn gluten meal. It is a non toxic and chemical-free byproduct that is removing the weed in a clear and environmental friendly way.

Purchase it and treat the lawn as you follow the instructions. The gluten meal treatment should be repeated a few times for a maximum effect. Don’t stop monitoring your garden and remove the weeds, whenever you are noticing a growth.