Know How To Use The Right Fertilizer At Right Time!


FertilizerThe important part of the successful garden is fertilizer. You have to use the fertilizer in the correct way.

Using wrong fertilizer or usage of right fertilizer in the wrong way will certainly cause problems.

One of the most common problems with fertilizer is over use; this occurs especially in the case of slow-release fertilizers.

These slow release fertilizers will release their nutrients slowly over certain period of time; if you apply those fertilizers more often, then you may wind up in the overlapping. That means new one will wind with the old one that has not yet released fully.

Before using the fertilizers in your garden, you have to read the directions of usage present on it keenly.

Basically three components are present in the fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These components will be rated by the amount of ingredients present in it such as 20-20-20.

This indicates that how much of component is present in it, the first number is the nitrogen content, the second number is the phosphorous content and the third one is the potassium content.

These three components promote different type of growth in different plants. Nitrogen promotes the growth of stem and leaf, phosphorous helps in the development of strong roots and fruits, and potassium helps to strengthen the plants.

You have to apply the fertilizer before you start planting in your garden. After the growth of the plants, you have to be careful regarding the fertilization of nitrogen.

Over fertilization of nitrogen will cause certain problems such as putting too much energy into the stems and leaves, making less the growth of the fruit in the plants.

There are various types of fertilizers available in the market, some of them are organic based where as the others are chemical based. Try to use the right chemicals in the right time other wise they can destroy your plants.

If you want to use the fertilizers for the vegetable plants, then try to use the organic fertilizers because you will be eating the vegetables and using chemical fertilizers can affect your health.

The fertilizer must be applied to the soil of the garden based on the quantity of nutrients and organics present in the soil and according to the soil’s natural fertility.

Tea is also one of the best fertilizers. It is useful for the plants in various ways such as the potting mix. It is used for vermicompost and it is the good source of potassium and acts as the best medium for the cultivation of mushrooms.

Even the wastes of the tea are also very useful, for example the tea waste acts as the best antioxidants such as chagra and catechins.

Used tea leaves will enhance the growth of the roses in rose plants. If you infuse the tea leaves in the flower garden, it can result in nutrient hike and tea wastes will enhance the growth of indoor as well as the outdoor plants.

So, try to select the right fertilizer which is necessary for your garden and don’t go for over dosage.

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