Know Your Garden And You Will Know Your Plants


Any gardener knows that the most important step is to measure the garden. Knowing and measuring its conditions means that the plants will be healthier and you will achieve better looks and a really colorful yard.

In case you are moving in a house with an already established garden, before doing anything else, first take a picture of your garden.

Download it on your home computer and switch to black and white. This is the easiest way, in order to see clearly the shapes of the plants and most of all, to identify the overgrown areas. Do not pull things out of your garden.

Let it grow for a year or two before making cardinal changes and don’t remove the roots of these plants you don’t want to be present in your yard. Simply observe what the previous owner of the garden did.

In case you don’t have even the slightest idea what you will grow, simply look at the neighborhood. The soil in your garden is the same as in theirs, so follow their steps about what plants you are able to grow.

Don’t forget to examine your moisture, soil and garden ability. This will help you, even if there is no established garden, because you get an idea what will succeed to grow in your yard.