Mending The Tree Branches Heavy With Fruit

Fruit branches broken because of the heavy load of fruit are not an uncommon sight for orchards.

Even the very well cared fruit trees experience this problem especially if a stormy weather meets the ripping period of the fruit.

tree branches 1Most people tend to simply cut down the wounded branches which is neither smart nor green.

Fixing the broken branches is not exactly hard and all it takes is a bit of patience and a few utilities which you can buy from any gardening store.

All you have to do is join the two sides of the split and drill a hole into them from one side to another.

It would be smart to use a wood drill because the intervention will be less invasive.

Insert a rod through the drilled hole pulling a thread through it so it will unite the broken pieces tight together.

tree branches 2

Peel the bark around the wounded area using a utility knife. Spray with borer preservative and let it heal. During the healing process the bark will grow to cover the rod.