Mulching Is An Important Part Of Garden Health


mulchingThrough simple steps you can keep your garden healthy and help nourish the soil and protect your plants from frost and pests.

Your trees, shrubs and perennials will flourish with a generous layer of mulch on the ground around their roots.

Mulching the soil around your plants with an organic or inorganic product will form a protective layer around the plants, will keep the temperature constant and avoid soil compression.

Mulching will also keep the soil moist and nourish it with the fundamental humus and nutrients it needs.

This is the period of the year when mulching your trees, shrubs and perennials will provide great benefits to the plants. Choose your manure accordingly; for your vegetable garden, chicken manure is best, while for the garden in general choose horse manure for mulching.

Be careful not to add raw and fresh chicken manure to your garden for the high phosphate level may destroy the beneficial microbes present in the soil and promote weeds.

An ideal way to mulch is by adding a layer of compost then covering this layer with another four-inch layer of wood chips. Wood chips have many qualities in gardening, they will protect the soil and the plants and are easy to find and not expensive at all.

Remember that if you start mulching your garden now, your plants and garden will be surprisingly flourishing and beautiful for the next gardening season.