Organic Weed Killers For Your Garden


As more of the world wakes up the virtues of going organic and eschewing the chemical in favor of the natural, organic weed killers also make it possible for us to limit the pollution of the earth.

We are becoming more aware now of how chemicals are toxic for not just the earth but eventually for all those who subsist off it; making it an imperative that we seek safer, more natural alternatives to the toxins we have become accustomed to using.

Organic weed killers or natural weed killers work by increasing the pH levels in the soil for a short period of time. These levels naturally stabilize after a few days.

  • Nature’s Avenger is a natural herbicide that works by dehydrating the weed and grass down to its roots. This is a citrus oil based that is seen to be very effective in killing off weeds and grasses. The manufactures claim that it is safe to have around pets and kids and is not polluting of the water supply either. This product claims to be as effective, if not more effective as the chemical herbicides and is seen to work literally within hours. It can be used the same way that you would for other herbicides: around the flower beds, on sidewalks, in the foundations, driveways and around shrubs. It is approved for use by the EPA and is effectual even on a cloudy day (it does not depend upon UV rays of the sun to work).
  • Many other organic herbicides or weed-killers work by ‘burning off’ the weeds. Made from natural fatty acids, this is derived from geraniums, and when sprayed on weeds and grasses, effectively controls them within hours.
  • Boiling water is also a simple and effective method of killing off weeds in your garden. This is obviously the most inexpensive method as well. You simply pour boiling water over the weeds to literally cook them to death. Just be careful of other plants, and your own self; to avoid splashing yourself with the scalding liquid.
  • Salt of course can kill any kind of plant and because of that keep it away from flower beds; it will effectively render the soil useless to grow anything for the foreseeable future. You can use salt for gravel paths, your driveway, very effectively though.
  • Vinegar also has an herbicidal effect and repeated applications can kill off weeds.