Protect The Garden Without Pesticides

If you used to have a wonderful looking garden and after a while you started observing troublesome signs and a slow but sure evolution towards death, the cause may for sure be pests.

greenhouse gardenBefore turning to pesticides which can damage both your health and the environment, consider other plants or insects to make the pests stay away.

Whether the ill plants are inside a garden or inside the indoor apartment greenhouse [indoor gardening] it is good to know that the danger of common pests like the white fly, lice, acarians and aphids are always present as a danger for our beloved plants.

In order to permanently get rid of the plant pests, put in the immediate vicinity of the ill plant sister plants with insecticide effect like parsley, valerian, chrysanthemum, mint, rosemary or lavender.

All these plants reject the pests due to the strong scent emitted by the roots and the aerial parts. These plants attract only benefic insects like bees, helping pollinating and not harming the plants. A nettle infusion can also help if sprayed on the sick plant.

Plough the soil during winter because the low temperature will kill the pests and the larva from the soil and they will not reappear in spring.

Lady-bugs can become a balance factor for the garden, its main food group being the lice and the aphids that destroy the plants.

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