Prune Your Garden Smartly


Gardening is an art, if you learn to do it right and of course, if you are passionate about it. There are a few things you need to have in mind when pruning it, to make sure the operation turns out completely satisfactory.

First of all, keep your mind tightly connected to what you are doing. Aside from the practical part of the job, do not ignore the aesthetics of your garden. Your tools must be clean, at least when you start, and sharp enough. You must cut exactly above the good part of the plant.

Do not slice the space in between two buds; it might cause the branch to dry and die or generate diseases. Never cut a tree in a different shape than its natural one, be it a pyramid or a sphere.

Also, when you are ready to remove a part of a branch or a full branch, dose the amount of force you are going to apply on it. You would not want to break more than it is absolutely needed. You might want to use three small cuts instead of a strong one. Never cut the top of the tree for it might cause diseases and break its balance. With all this in mind and a good set of tools, your pruning work should be smooth and successful.