Quick And Easy Compost For Home Gardens


compostMaking compost is good way of getting rid of rubbish and adding something positive to the earth in the process.

Compost balances the soil in your garden as it acts as a soil conditioner, mulch and fertilizer all the same time.

This means that compost is very beneficial for your garden plants and your garden soil in general. Compost is not even that hard to make.

The first step to making compost is choosing the proper site. Choose a site that is accessible when you are in the garden and near the kitchen as well. However the compost also has to be out of plain site.

If you are concerned about keeping your compost neat and tidy you can purchase a compost bin. Otherwise there really is no need to buy one. You can dig a pit that is1m high, 1m wide and 1m in length.

You can increase the length of your pit depending on how much space you have in your backyard or the requirements of the compost. Fill the pit with layers of leaves, pieces of grass, wood sticks and any other waste from your yard.

To help quicken the process you can add water after each layer. Adding some soil in between the layers is also a good way of accelerating the process. Keep turning the pile on a regular basis to keep it aerated. With the proper procedures taken to prepare your compost you can expect it to be ready in as early as six weeks.

However if you choose to use the compost bin you can purchase a permanent bin or use the three bin process. You have to keep the bins open on one side to enable to add leaves and some other compost material.

You still have to turn the pile regularly to aerate the compost and keeping the sides of the bins makes this easier. With the three bin system you are able to turn the compost by moving it from one bin to the next.

You can also keep your compost neatly and use it when there is need to. If you leave in a climate that is very rainy it is advisable to keep your bins closed.

When preparing your compost there are number of things that you should not add to your pile. Always put things that can degenerate naturally. This means that you can not put things like plastics, bottles and pepper.

You must also make sure you do not put weeds that have seeds in them, don’t add meat or animal waste, oils or plants that have been treated with pesticides.