Salmonella May Be Lurking In Your Garden


gardening careOne of the things that one has to beware of when one is a gardener or rather, a gardening enthusiast is Salmonella and wear gardening gloves when possible.

This is a potentially serious illness that can be transmitted from animals to humans and can often find its way to humans via the garden.

It can cause illnesses such as typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and the food borne illness salmonellosis.

The way that this infection can be transmitted through one’s garden is cat litter and bird droppings among others. Birds can be salmonella carriers and you certainly have no control over where birds will decide to poo so this can sometimes be a way that salmonella is transmitted to the keen gardener.

So be especially careful if you have a bird house in the garden, when you refill the bird feeder and cleaning a bird bath.

Reptiles, turtles and other exotic pets also could be salmonella carriers. These can also transmit the disease to humans via the house or garden.

Salmonella is also a reason for pregnant women to be especially careful when doing gardening, because salmonella infections can be life threatening for them and their unborn children.

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