Solutions To Your Common Gardening Problems


There are not many gardening problems that are known by gardeners; the ones that are there all seem to have solutions laid out.

The first problem in gardening is that many people intending on starting their own gardens all want to produce results just as good as that professional gardener you saw on TV. Experience and creativity is the best teacher above all.

perfect gardenBefore it all you should talk to one professional in your area to get what he or she knows about your area, its soil, pests, climatic conditions and which plants are best for your area.

You also need to purchase an A-Z gardening book; this book will be there to guide you when you are carrying out your planting, feeding, and cultivation of your plants.

In gardening problems the second most popular problem is the pests, even professional gardeners face problems from these creatures. Pests are just unavoidable creatures even when you think you have got rid of them you still get them some how along the line.

However this problem can be solved. There are many different types of pests that harm plants and there are different ways to get rid of them. Slugs are one of the common pests.

Slugs usually conceal themselves under the leaves, this way they are not noticeable until they have caused damage. This is how you can get rid of slugs; you can use the crashed egg shell method. This method involves crashing egg shell and placing them around your plants, slugs cannot pass through these because of their sensitive skin.

gardeningAll other insects can be destroyed by using one of these very poisonous but effective insecticides to address an issue accordingly;

TDE (rothane) – used to kill many types of garden insects including caterpillars, stinkbugs, chafer beetles among others. If used in edible plants it should not be used 30 days before harvest.

Lindane – gets rid of the same insects as TDE, but its use has been restricted for horticultural and agricultural purposes.

Chlordane – mainly used to kill ants, termites and other soil pests, it will also kill lawn caterpillars.

Chlordane-Heptachlor (Dyant) – kills the same pests killed by chlordane but it’s less toxic.

The list goes on, refer to your garden books for more of these pest control chemicals. Many of these chemicals can be purchased at your gardening shops.

Plant disease is also one aspect in gardening problems making it the third problem. There are three main types of plant diseases and these are the Fungus diseases, the Bacterial diseases and the viral diseases. The one disease type that is incurable is the viral disease type.

Affected plants just have to be cut or destroyed. The bacterial diseases and the fungus can be cured and prevented by using the right controls. This all goes to show that gardening don’t have many unsolvable problems.

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